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You already have your own cool site, but for some reason, it does not bring you the desired results? Too few users are interested in your portal? Or do you just want to increase the attendance rate of your resource but don’t know how to do it? The Department of SEO promotion of Krasnyk Studio knows exactly the answers to these and many similar questions and will easily help you with their solution.

Optimization is ...

Search engine optimization includes a whole set of actions aimed at raising the rating of your resource in the search engine results. The number of page visits usually directly depends on the site’s position –  the higher level it will occupy, the more views and clicks it will receive. Therefore, our Studio specialists have developed a set of measures that will quickly improve the rating of the website and increase the efficiency of its functioning. It includes, among other things, advertising, links to the resource, and thematic articles:

  • on Ukrainian news sites and informational portals;

  • in article directories;

  • on Twitter accounts;
  • site registrations in site directories;
  • registrations on trust sites, etc.

Internal site optimization

Another main stage of SEO is conducting an internal site optimization. This is a process of improving and perfecting the website from the inside, aimed at maximizing the relevance of content to search engine queries. For this purpose based on data analysis, our managers select keywords, form the semantic core of the site and organize its structure. Also special codes, tags, and many other details are incorporated into the pages that significantly increase the effectiveness of the page. Carrying out such amount of work always brings positive results, so SEO optimization will be the tool that will help you to surpass your competitors, increase sales and the number of clients, gain wide popularity and much more. Specialists of the Krasnyk Studio carry out the whole set of actions in the shortest possible time and take into account the specifics of your website, so the achievement of the set goals will not take long.


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