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In today’s reality of fierce competition, only strong and recognizable brands remain on top.


To develop a truly successful business, creating a clear and unique brand image and visual identifier is an integral part of achieving the goal. This one, as well as the formation of values and the right associations in the minds of consumers, is the essence of the branding process. Krasnyk Studio agents have conducted branding campaigns for dozens of customers, so they clearly represent the sequence of actions to accomplish their tasks.

Stages of branding

The process of professional branding consists of a number of activities which can be divided into the following stages:

  • Analysis of the target audience and the current market situation;
  • Creation of identification system – development of brand image and documents (brandbook and guideline);

  • Brand promotion.

Formation of corporate identity (or identification system) is the key point of this sequence, that’s why so most of the attention is paid to this component.

Development of visual image of the company
The biggest impact on the audience is carried out through the components of the corporate identity that users and consumers contact.  So their development is the first task. Our specialists will create unique and creative elements of your brand’s corporate identity:
  • logo, trademark;
  • brand colors and font;
  • documentation forms;
  • business cards;
  • slogan and other things;

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